+ Father Richard Balazs, C.R.


BORN:  April 9, 1938.                           82 Years old
FIRST VOWS: August 8, 1957.            63 years in community
ORDAINED: April 3, 1965.                  55 Years a priest
RETURNED TO THE LORD:              December 12, 2020

FUNERAL:  Thursday December 17, 2020
St. Hyacinth Basilica, 3635 W. George St, Chicago, IL
WAKE: 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM.



Eternal Rest grant on to our brother Richard O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

 “May the angels lead you into paradise; may the martyrs receive you at your arrival and lead you to the holy city Jerusalem.”

+ Father Melvin Rybarczyk, C.R.




BORN:    April 4, 1941
FIRST VOWS: January 6, 1961            59 years in Community
ORDAINED: April 12, 1969                  51 years a priest
RETURNED TO THE LORD:               November 5, 2020


FUNERAL: Wednesday November 11, 2020
WAKE: 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM. St. Hedwig Parish, Chicago, IL

“May the angels lead you into paradise;
may the martyrs come and welcome you
and take you to the holy city
the new and eternal Jerusalem.
May choirs of angels welcome you
And lead you to the bosom of Abraham
and where Lazarus is poor no longer
may you find eternal rest.”


+ Father Marion Wroblewski, C.R.








Our Brother Fr. Marion Wroblewski, C.R. died May 4, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois – having lived 81 years, 62 years in the Congregation.

Father Wroblewski professed vows as a member of the Congregation of the Resurrection in 1957 and was ordained a priest in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1965. He earned a B. A. degree from St. Louis University. He taught at Weber High School and Gordon Tech High School. He ministered at Prince of Peace Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. In Chicago he ministered at St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr, St. Hedwig and St. Hyacinth.

He was preceded in death by his parents Charles and Lola Wroblewski. He is survived by his three brothers and one sister: Jerome (Joan) Wroblewski, Robert (Jeanette) Wroblewski, Carl (Georgianna) Wroblewski and Cristine Trch.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Congregation of the Resurrection for the Senior Religious Fund. 3601 N. California Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

We ask you to remember our brother in your prayers.


“May the angels lead you into paradise;
may the martyrs come and welcome you
and take you to the holy city
the new and eternal Jerusalem.
May choirs of angels welcome you
And lead you to the bosom of Abraham
and where Lazarus is poor no longer
may you find eternal rest.”

Installation of the Provincial Superior
Very Reverend Steven Bartczyszyn, C.R.

On Monday, December 30, 2019, Very Reverend Steve Bartczyszyn, CR made his profession of faith in the presence of Superior General Very Reverend Paul Voisin, CR and was installed as the next provincial superior of the USA Province of the Congregation of the Resurrection. About two dozen guests, including CRs, Sisters of the Resurrection  and Missionary Sisters of Christ the King filled the chapel of St. Joseph the Worker in Chicago, Illinois.
















































List of the names of those Resurrectionists with an established allegation of sexual abuse of a minor (click here) 

The USA Province Policy on Sexual Abuse of Minors (click here)


Our Lady of the Lake, Lake Arrowhead, California
St. Anne in the Mountains, Running Springs, California
2019 Annual Benefit Event

This delightful event has, for many years, been held on August 25, 2019, in the mountain home of Mike Casey, an extremely generous benefactor. Resurrectionists ministering in California were joined by their brothers from Missouri and Canada. Bishop Gerald Barnes, Ordinary of the Diocese of San Bernardino, has always extended his kindness in permitting us a fundraising activity, for which we remain grateful. The afternoon event brings together parishioners from both mountain parishes in a bucolic atmosphere with great scenic panoramas of the valley below. Wine and very good food, as well as a few well-placed remarks from our CRs, complete the day.


22nd Annual Resurrection Gala 2019

Just under 300 persons gathered on Sunday afternoon, 29 September 2019, at Café La Cave for a wonderful gala affair, including parishioners from CR parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Dioceses of Rockford and Joliet. A good number of religious women from a variety of Congregations also honored us by their presence.

In addition to the Resurrection Merit Awards given by the various Resurrectionist pastors to worthy parishioners, the province also bestowed the Veritas et Caritas Award upon Fr. Tomasz Wojciechowski, C.R., and the Vision of Hope Award upon Walter Gillette.

Fr. Steve Bartczyszyn, C. R., the Provincial-Elect, offered a lovely testimonial marking the end of the tenure of Fr. Gene Szarek, C.R. as Provincial. The testimonial was accompanied by a framed copy of his remarks and a gift.
























































































































































































23rd Provincial Chapter of the USA Province

Joseph & Mary Retreat House

Mundelein, Illinois    

August 5-9, 2019

The 23rd Provincial Chapter of the USA Province had a principal focus on our ministries. In its broadest sense included questions of aging, diminished ministry, vocations and community life. We, Resurrectionists, were gathered together as brothers, belonging to something bigger than ourselves and our local communities, namely to the province community and the Congregation, sharing our common concerns for our mission in the modern world. Our experience of this provincial chapter encourages us to live our religious vocation with even greater dedication and enthusiasm. Our newly elected provincial leadership (effective January 1, 2020): Provincial Superior – Fr. Steve Bartczyszyn, C.R.; Provincial Vicar – Fr. Steve Thoma, C.R.; Provincial Councilors – Fr. George Zięba, C.R., Fr. Tomasz Wojciechowski, C.R. and Fr. Joseph Glab, C.R.




Please read the 2019 Chronicles here…




Resurrection Gala 2018

The Resurrection Fathers and Brothers wish to thank all our friends and benefactors who have supported our 21st Gala on September 23, 2018 at Café’ La Cave in Des Plaines Illinois.  Again this year we packed the Banquet Hall with over 345 people.  We are always most grateful to our benefactors and pastors who support this worth while cause of educating our men for the priesthood and brotherhood and for our senior religious.  This year we have honored the Gienko Family for there constant support of the Resurrection Fathers and Brothers.  In fact, Father Marion Gienko, CR their uncle was a Resurrection Priest.  Father Rafal Wasilewski, CR was the recipient of the Veritas et Caritas Award 2018. Both gave wonderful acceptance talks.  We also honored again this year the Resurrection Merit Awardees from our various parishes.  What a wonderful way of thanking so many who share in our ministry. Starting to plan our next years Gala which will be on Sunday, September 29, 2019.




Please read the latest issue of the Chronicles-2018

Preserving our history…

 20th Annual Resurrection Gala 2017

On Sunday, October 1, 2017 the Resurrection Fathers and Brothers hosted its Annual Resurrection Gala 2017 at Café La Cave in, Des Plaines, Illinois.

The Vision of Hope Award 2017 was present to the Daughters of St Mary of Providence who run a home for women on the North Side of Chicago. The Veritas et Caritas Award 2017 was presented to Father George Zieba, CR, pastor of St. Pius X Parish, Lombard, Illinois.

About 340 persons joined us for this truly festive occasion, along with about 25 Resurrectionists, from parishes served by us in the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Dioceses of Rockford and Joliet. Representatives of DePaul College Prep were also present.

The benefit event was held for the first time at Café La Cave. So many people commented on the excellence of the cuisine, the brightness of the room with one whole wall of glass looking out to the outdoors, the program itself, and the lovely strains of the harpist.

A lot of funds were raised for our senior religious and seminary funds as well as general needs. Thank you so much for your great generosity!


Resurrection Merit Awards 2017

St Stanislaus Kostka Parish, Chicago, IL (1867)

The Founding Familes (13)

St Stanislaus Kostka Parish

St Stanislaus B & M Parish (1893)
Jerome & Cammile Tiesch

St Hyacinth Basilica (1894)
Raul & Fredes Madarang

Resurrection Parish, Woodstock, IL (1978)
Marguerite Grealish

Our Lady of the Lake Parish, Lake Arrowhead, CA (1997)
St Anne in the Mountains, Running Springs, CA (1997)
Deacon Mike and Sue Juback
James & Nancy Novak

St Wenceslaus Parish (2000)
Isabel A. Pangilinan

St John the Baptist Church, Johnsburg, IL (2006)
Joseph H. Hiller

St Matthew Parish, Schaumburg, Illinois (2007)
Ann Coens

Our Lady of the Desert, Apple Valley, CA (2010)
St Paul, Lucerne Valley, CA (2010)
Otto & Agnes Johnson
Clarice Peterson

St Scholastica Parish. Woodridge, Illinois (2012)
Clem & Mary Campbell

St Pius X Parish, Lombard, Illinois (2012)
Barbara Harazin

St Mark Parish, Wheaton, IL (2014)
Kathleen & Peter D’Attomo







































































































































































The XXXIII General Chapter of the Congregation of the Resurrection of the Lord



The XXXIII General Chapter of the Congregation of the Resurrection of the Lord was held at the General House in Rome on 11-25 of June, 2017. The Chapter is convoked every six years and for two weeks gathers the Resurrectionists from all parts of the world. All deliberations take shape of the resulting document which is our vision of hope to be expressed in our ministries as the Congregation in the next six years, until we meet again. As the keystone of this event, which is of central importance to the life of our Community, we have chosen the scriptural citation above, from the First Letter of St. John (4:16a) as well as the theme: “Witnesses of the presence of the Risen Lord: from community to the world“.

Witnesses to the Resurrection please read the  XXXIII General Chapter final document.




























Newly Elected General Curia: (left) Vicar General and Procurator General Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa, CR, Superior General Fr. Paul Voisin, CR, Councilor and Secretary General Fr. Jacek Praski, CR , Councilor and Econom General Andrzej Gieniusz, CR.






33rd General Chapter – part 1

33rd General Chapter – part 2

33rd General Chapter – part 3

33rd General Chapter – part 4

33rd General Chapter – part 5

33rd General Chapter – part 6

Resurrectionists Meet Pope Francis…

Resurrectionists are given a private audience with Pope Francis as they conclude their 33rd General Chapter in June of 2017. These are their reflections on this historic event for the Congregation of the Resurrection and all those they minister to and with.

Pope Francis addressing the Resurrectionists…



March 27, 1842 – March 27, 2017

175th Anniversary of the first Profession of Vows














At Mass in the Catacombs of St. Sebastian on Easter morning March 27, 1842  seven members of the Roman House professed vows as religious of a community that was yet without a name. However, Divine Providence which had guided them to this moment was with them that morning, for on emerging from the catacombs they heard the bells of Roman churches announcing the Easter Alleluia, and they were moved to adopt the name of the feast: They would become the Congregation of the Resurrection.

Father Semenenko composed the preliminary Rule whose thirty-three paragraphs were an elaboration of the thought of Bogdan Janski. Father Kajsiewicz described the sentiments of the first members: “We feel the need of living in a family, bound together by spiritual ties. We desire to undertake works which require continuity and order and workers on whom we can rely. And therefore we desire to become a religious Congregation.”

At a General chapter in 1850, the members set out to follow the advice of Pope Pius IX – “Organize yourselves in a way that will do the most good for the Church” – The Pope also predicted: “You all will not write a new Rule, for this is not the work of many, but the work of one, and that one must have the Spirit of God.” Father Kajsiewicz was quick to admit that “The principal merit for all our work on the Rule belongs to Father Semenenko.” Father Semenenko became leader and guide in matters of the Rule and of the spirit of the Congregation. He, more than anyone, formulated, elaborated, and defended the original thought of Bogdan Janski.

The General Chapter of 1857 was very important for the Congregation for it was there that Father Semenenko clarified the specific apostolate of the Community, namely, the care and administration of parishes and the education of youth. The Rule presented to the Church for approbation in 1887 was almost entirely based on the Rule of 1850, the original thought of our Founders.

The most recent revision of the Constitutions is merely an adaptation of the Rule to accord with the spirit of the Council, and retains the guiding principles and the spirit of the Rule of 1850. At the General chapter of 1981 a Charism statement, was included as a preface to the constitutions. We regard this as a clear statement of our identity and our call.

The Congregation has developed into an international Community, serving or having served the Church in Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Bolivia, Australia, Bermuda, Mexico, Ukraine, White Russia, Slovakia, Africa, and Israel.

















+ Father Charles Messler, C.R.

















Father Charles Messler, C.R. died May 26, 2017, in St. Louis (Missouri), U. S. A. Father Charles was 69 years of age, having spent 10 years in the Congregation and 5 as a priest.

We ask you to remember our brother in your prayers asking the Lord to grant him fullness of life in the joy of the resurrection.

If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus
from the dead dwells in you,
he who raised Christ from the dead
will give life to your mortal bodies also
through his Spirit that dwells in you.

Romans 8:11


Bogdan Jański cause opened in Vatican


On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, the cause of beatification of Servant of God Bogdan Jański was officially opened by the Vatican. While the documentation of the diocesan process in Płock, Poland, had been presented to the Congregation for Causes of the Saints on December 15, 2016, on this occasion the Vatican phase was officially opened in the presence of Superior General Fr. Bernard Hylla, C.R., and Postulator General Fr. Andrzej Gieniusz, C.R. The 18 volumes of documents will now be made into books, possibly by March of this year, and they will be reviewed page by page before being declared “legally valid”.

During this Vatican phase of the cause of Bogdan Jański, his fama sanctitatis (fame of holiness) must be established as constant and widespread. Thus the devotion to following Jański’s example, as well as prayer for his intercession on the part of people who share the Resurrectionist spirit, continue to play an essential role in his recognition by the universal Church.










Golden Jubilee of Presbyteral Ordination

On Friday, 10 March 2017, six jubilarians who had been ordained on 11 March 1967 in the Cathedral of St. Louis, Missouri, gathered with fellow Resurrectionists for a festive Mass of Thanksgiving and luncheon. About 30 Resurrectionists were present, including visitors Fr. Gary Hogan (St. Louis), Fr. Jim Gibson (Rome), and Fr. Joe di Viverios (Kitchener).

Mass was presided by Bishop Robert Kurtz, with homily given by Fr. Gene Szarek. Other jubilarians were Fathers Don Suberlak, Richard Grek, Jerry Watt, and Dennis Sanders. Music, with organ, violin, and flute was beautifully rendered by the music director of Mary Seat of Wisdom Church and his associates.
























































+ Father Leonard Krzywda, C.R.


Father Leonard Krzywda, C.R., of the USA Province, died in Chicago at the age of 78 on March 5, 2017, the First Sunday of Lent, after almost a year of suffering from leukemia. He lived almost 60 years as a professed Resurrectionist and served the Church as a priest for almost 52 years.

Leonard was born in Chicago on October 23, 1938, and received his early education with the Resurrectionists at St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr Parish. After four years in the CR minor seminary at St. Mary’s College (Kentucky), he joined the novitiate and professed his first religious vows on August 15, 1957. He then did philosophical studies at St. Louis University and theological studies at the Resurrectionist St. John Cantius Seminary in St. Louis. After being ordained a priest on April 3, 1965, he also completed a Master Degree in biology at St. Louis University.

Fr. Len served the Church and the Congregation in ministries spanning five countries and four languages. In his early priesthood he was a chaplain for the U.S. Army for more than two years, serving at Oklahoma (USA) and then in Vietnam and South Korea. After teaching for a short time at Weber High School in Chicago, he was prepared for formation work, in which he was involved for many years: as novice director in Woodstock (Illinois), Lake Arrowhead (California), and most recently in Chicago; as seminary rector in St. Louis and in Curitiba, Brazil (at the newly formed seminary of the Brazilian Region). Fr. Len was also called by the Community to parochial apostolates requiring Spanish and Polish languages: in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) at St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish; in Chicago at St. Hyacinth Parish; and in California at Resurrection Parish (later St. John XXIII Parish) in Fontana and Rialto, St. Joseph Parish in Fontana, Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Lake Arrowhead and St. Anne Parish in Running Springs. He also served two terms as Vicar Provincial and was active on several committees of the USA Province.

About 30 Resurrectionists, including confreres from California, Canada and Rome, concelebrated the funeral liturgy for Fr. Leonard at St. Hedwig Church in Chicago on March 8. Many friends, parishioners and religious sisters from near and far laid his body to rest at the Resurrectionist site at St. Adalbert Cemetery in Niles, Illinois.


+ Father Donald Zinn, C.R.


Our Brother Fr. Donald Zinn, C.R.  of the United States of America Province died November 7, 2016, in Niles, Illinois, USA. He was in his 72nd year, having lived 52 years in the Congregation and 44 as a priest. Father Donald was a graduate of Gordon Technical High School and received the degrees of A.B.,M.A., M. Div., and PhL. from St Louis University. He served as Dean of students as well as Director of Finance regarding Scholarships at Gordon Tech and Weber High Schools.

We ask you to remember our brother in your prayers asking the Lord to grant him fullness of life in the joy of the resurrection.


Resurrection Gala on Sunday September 25, 2016


A great celebration was held on Sunday September 25, 2016 at Porretta’ Banquet Hall in Chicago.  This was our 19th year celebrating the Senior Religious in the Congregation of the Resurrection and our men studying for the Priesthood and Brotherhood.

This year the Vision of Hope Award was presented to Dr James Quaid, Principal of DePaul College Prep at the Father Gordon Campus and the Veritas et Caritas Award 2016 was presented to Father Steve Bartczyszyn, CR.  We were honored to have 262 people this year at the Gala and look forward to next years event which willcelebrate our 20th anniversary.

clipboard01 clipboard1 clipboard02 clipboard2 clipboard03 clipboard04 clipboard05 clipboard06 clipboard07 clipboard08

 22nd Provincial Chapter of the USA Province

DePaul College Prep Library Saint Joseph the Worker House & Chapel

Chicago, Illinois     <>     2-4 August 2016


The 22nd Provincial Chapter of the USA Province had a principal focus on our ministries. In its broadest sense included questions of aging, diminished ministry, vocations and community life.


Newly elected (or re-elected) provincial leadership, effective 1 January 2017, front row, L to R: Fr. Paul Sims, C.R. and Fr. Steve Bartczyszyn, C.R. (councilors); Fr. Gene Szarek, C.R. (provincial superior); Fr. Gary Hogan, C.R. (vicar provincial); and Fr. Steve Thoma, C.R. (councilor). Second row, 4th from L: Fr. Tim Uniac, C.R. (vicar general); Fr. Bernard Hylla, C.R. (superior general); Fr. Jim Gibson, C.R. (general councilor); Bishop Bob Kurtz, C.R. (bishop-emeritus of Hamilton in Bermuda). A handful of province members are not pictured because of their excused absence for this portion of the chapter.






Presider at Mass the first day was superior general, Fr. Bernard Hylla, C.R.. Fr. Steve Bartczyszyn, C.R.  provided an English translation of his Polish homily.


The library at DePaul College Prep, site of our meetings.




Fr. Gary Hogan, C.R. commented on the provincial’s report regarding vocations. Sr. Joan McGlinchey, M.S.C. (vicar for religious in the Archdiocese of Chicago), spoke energetically about “Health, Aging, and Reduced Ministries.”


Bishop Robert Kurtz, C.R. was presider and homilist at Mass the second day of the chapter.



Fr. Don Nevins of the Chicago Archdiocesan Planning Department described the local process of planning for the future of parish groupings and reorganization on the third day of the chapter.












Fr. Andrew-Carl Wisdom, O.P. (Dominican vocation director for 11 years) shared his experiences and offered “best practices” for vocation work. Sr. Maryann McKeogh, C.S.F.N. (director of Nazarethville) spoke clearly about complicated Medicaid issues, and Br. Bede Baldry, F.S.C., addressed general aging issues from his experience in dealing with his own Christian Brothers.



American delegates to the general chapter in Rome in 2017: L to R: Norbert Raszeja (ex officio, former superior general); Jacek Praski (elected delegate); Gene Szarek (ex officio, provincial superior); Eric Wagner and Steve Thoma (elected delegates); and Jim Gibson (ex officio, general curia member).



Fraternal fellowship…



















Celebrating our 180th AnniversaryCR175


IMG_2130IMG_2131Nearly 30 Resurrectionists gathered for prayer and fellowship at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in Schaumburg, Illinois. Pastor, Fr. Joseph Glab, CR hosted the event and Provincial Councilor, Fr. Paul Sims, CR presided and preached at the service of Evening Prayer followed by fellowship.

011_Image_4Year 2016 marks 180th anniversary of the foundation of our Community:

The Congregation of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ began in Paris, France, on February 17, 1836, under the leadership of Bogdan Janski. After the death of the founder on July 2,1840, his disciples under the direction of Peter Semenenko and Jerome Kajsiewicz, the co-founders of  the Congregation, continued to develop his ideas and to live in community. On Easter Sunday, March 27, 1842, along with five other clerics, they professed their first religious vows in the Catacombs of St. Sebastian in Rome. The first Rule was written during the Lenten season of 1842 and became the basis for community life and personal sanctification. They were inspired to dedicate themselves to the Risen Savior and to call themselves the “Brothers of the Resurrection”. They were now dead to sin and alive with the Risen Christ in a new life dedicated to truth and charity.




Founder’s Day Celebration and Day of Reflection with the Students, Faculty, Administrators and Staff of DePaul College Prep High School at the Father Gordon Campus

A day was set aside by the Administration of the School to showcase the mission, charism and Founder of the Congregation of the Resurrection as a day of retreat and reflection. 600 students,
Teachers and Administration and Staff Members were present for the day.

































It was the founders day for the Resurrection Fathers and Brothers. 180 years of existence. The life and history of the founder of the Resurrection Fathers and Brothers, the life of Bogdan Janski was shared with the students along with three other topics, namely, Hope, Faith in Action and Reconciliation. A panel of Resurrection Fathers and Brothers were present in each of the presentations.

The four / one hour sessions were complete at which time all the students and teachers moved from one group to the other until the students had attended all four group sessions. After that was complete we met in the Gym for a Reconciliation Service conducted by the school chaplain Father Joseph Malczyk, CR. Father Eric Wagner, CR gave the homily at the service. There was a period of confession for all who wished to partake of the  Sacrament. We had 18 priests present for the service and hundreds of the Students, Administrators, Staff and Teachers receive the sacrament.

Lunch was provided for all in the Cafeteria of Pasta, Salad, and Pizza. In all it turned  out to be a wonderful day of reflection during this season of Lent and during this holy Year of Mercy.


 Casey Tadla

+ Father Casimir Tadla, C.R.


Our Brother Fr. Casimir Tadla, C.R. of the United States of America Province died peacefully on January 25, at Nazarethville Nursing Home, Des Plaines, Illinois. He was 95 years old, having lived 75 years in the Congregation and 68 as a priest.

Father Casimir Tadla professed his first vows as a member of the Congregation of the Resurrection 75 years ago and was a priest for 68 years. He served in parishes in Illinois, California, Maryland, Ontario (Canada), Florida, and Mexico. At age 75, he volunteered to be a missionary to the indigenous people of Oaxaca, Mexico, where he worked for eight years. He was the son of the late John and Catherine (Makara) Tadla and is survived by his sister Genevive Tadych and other dear relatives.

Eternal rest grant unto him O Risen Lord!




Fred Ciesla+ Father Frederick Ciesla, C.R.


Our Brother Fr. Frederick Ciesla, C.R. of the United States of America Province died peacefully at Maryhaven in Glenview, Illinois, on January 28. He was 93 years old, having lived 73 years in the Congregation and 66 as a priest.

Father Fred Ciesla was a member of the Congregation of the Resurrection since his first vows in 1942 and a priest since 1949. Admired by many thousands of students at Archbishop Weber and Gordon Tech High Schools where he served as an instructor of Theology for nearly 50 years, Father Fred spent his entire apostolic career as a teacher. He also served as an assistant principal. But his greatest love was music and his devotion was directed to the school choir, band, and glee club. He is survived by his sister Irene (Ed) Godek and other loving relatives.

Eternal rest grant unto him O Risen Lord!




Community Retreat 2015

retreat 6retreat 5

retreat 1USA Province Resurrectionists gathered for the annual retreat at the Cardinal Stricht Retreat House in Mundelein, Illinois, August 3-7, 2015. Most of the members of the province participated in what can only be described as a marvelous time of refreshment, prayer, community, and “time away.” Community intentions during the week often included a memento of the few who were not present.

Fr. Jim Donohue, C.R., Ph.D., vicar provincial of the Ontario- Kentucky Province and chair of the Theology Department at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland, offered daily reflections based on biblical texts – mostly on the Gospel of Mark. He also preached at the daily Masses. Retreatants appreciated his scholarly yet easily accessible insights for daily life. His sense of the mystery of God and the cause of our hope was truly edifying and full of inspiration. So was his sense of humor!

One evening we were also joined by the Friends of the Congregation of the Resurrection for the celebration of the Eucharist and the Stations of the Resurrection.

retreat 2retreat 4

retreat 3

Wes Spiewak, CR

New Bishop of Hamilton in Bermuda

Pope Francis has nominated the former Provincial of our Polish Province, Fr. Wieslaw Spiewak, CR, as the new bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton in Bermuda, replacing the retiring Bishop Robert Kurtz, C.R.This nomination represents an historical occasion especially for the Polish Province, since Fr. Wes is the first member in the Province’s history to be ordained a bishop.In this new period of Fr. Wes’s service in the Church, we pray for an outpouring of the graces of the Risen Lord, so that he may joyfully and courageously preach God’s unconditional love to his people and strengthen them in faith and hope.At 52 years of age, Wes Spiewak is a native of Cracow, Poland, where he was raise in the neighborhood of Wola Duchacka, in Resurrection of the Lord Parish, administered by our Congregation. He entered the Community in 1983 and finished his philosophy studies at the Vincentian Theological Institute at Cracow. He was sent to Rome for his theology, where he finished his studies at the Gregorian University. He was then ordained a priest on May 19, 1990 (thus recently celebrating his 25th Anniversary as a priest).His priestly ministry has included first two years as Vice-Rector of the Minor Seminary in Poznan, followed by time as Provincial Secretary and Vocation Director. He then specialized in Spiritual Theology at the Salesianum University in Rome beginning in 1997, and at the same time served as pastor of St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Capranica Palestrina, outside of Rome (near Mentorella), and simultaneously serving as Postulator General of the Congregation for our causes of canonization.In 2008 he was elected Provincial of our Polish Province, and office to which we was re-elected, finishing his two terms on May 30 of this year. Since 2013 he was also a member of the President’s Council of the Conference of Major Superiors in Poland.The solemn celebration of the Episcopal Ordination of Fr. Wieslaw Spiewak will take place on October 1, 2015, in the Cathedral of St. Therese in Hamilton, Bermuda, on the patronal feast of the Cathedral and the Diocese.The Diocese of Hamilton includes all of the small archipelago of Bermuda. The local church was established as an Apostolic Prefecture on February 19, 1953, by Pope Pius XII, under the Archdiocesan Administration of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bermuda was elevated to an Apostolic Vicariate in 1956 and was established as the Diocese of Hamilton on June 12, 1967 by Blessed Pope Paul VI.

+ Father Michael Danek, C.R.

Michael Danek, CR


Father Michael Danek, C.R.

 Born – December 5, 1958

Professed First Vows – May 18, 1980

Ordained – April 12, 1986

Called Home to the Lord – May 18, 2015

May He rest in peace!


You are my friends if you do what I command. I no longer call you slaves, because a slaves does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. This is my command: Love one other. John 15:15-17


Last week, what appeared to be literally hundreds and hundreds of priests, religious, and laity paid their fondest respect to Father Michael Danek who passed into eternal life on May 18, 2015..  Father Mike  touched the lives of so many people in so many different ways. He was called by many names and known in  many roles: priest, provincial, CR brother, teacher, brother, pastor, uncle and for our community most especially as “Friend”. For this parish community, Father Mike was a “Friend”: in a very special way.

Here at Resurrection he played a key role in moving our parish from obscurity as a rural parish with insignificant parish boundaries, to an innovative status of personal parish based on the spirituality of the Congregation of the Resurrection.  It was under his leadership that the Congregation recognized and supported our efforts to first become a lay association of the Congregation.  He then actively supported  our efforts to become a personal,  not territorial, parish. As a personal parish we are an intentional parish that is populated by people who specifically embrace our spirituality. This is not the classic way personal parishes are designed, but with Father Mike’s generous support the diocese was eventually persuaded. He wrote letters and he visited the Bishop  to explain the spirituality of the Congregation and the role the laity plays in that spirituality.

While we think of all this as a twenty first century concept, it is entirely consistent with the founder of the Congregation of the Resurrection’s, Bogdan Janski, a layman, vision of Resurrectionist spirituality. Janski, who lived  in the 19th Century, believed in the power of the laity to resurrect society alongside the religious.  Father Mike saw the opportunity  at Resurrection Parish to assist in bringing Bogdan Janski’s concept to fruition, and was a special advocate on our behalf.

It seems clear that God was working through Michael to create the community of Friends that Jesus speaks of in the Gospel of John.  He helped to bring us all together as a community of Resurrectionists,  to bear fruit in our work as Resurrectionists and to love one another as Friends of the Congregation.  With love and prayer, we remember our good Friend, Father Mike.

Rest in peace, Father Mike.

The Friends of the Congregation


USA Province The Chronicles 2015

We invite you read the latest issue of the  USA Province The Chronicles 2015


120th Anniversary of St. Hyacinth Basilica in Chicago

St Hyacinth Basilica - Chicago 36

St Hyacinth Basilica - Chicago 35

On Sunday, December 14, 2014, the new Archbishop of Chicago,Blase Kupich, presided at the Eucharist at St. Hyacinth Basilica, celebrating120 years of its founding by the Resurrectionists. Less thana month after becoming the pastor of the second-largest diocese of the U.S.A, Archbishop Kupich joined St. Hyacinth’s pastor Fr. Stanisław Jankowski, C.R., (pictured at right with Provincial and Archbishop) and several other Resurrectionists and local clergy for the Mass in the full church. One of the many parishes established by Fr. Vincent Barzynski, C.R., St. Hyacinth celebrated first parish Eucharist on Christmas Day, December 25, 1894.




New parish in the Diocese of Joliet

On Saturday, December 13, 2014, the USA Province officially received the administration of St. Mark Parish in the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois, when Fr. Andrzej Lewandowski, C.R., (pictured at right with Bishop Daniel Conlon and Fr. Michel Danek C.R.) was installed as Parish Priest. St. Mark’s, in the town of Wheaton, became the fifth parish of the Joliet Diocese to be administered by the Resurrectionists. Fr. Andrzej has thus joined the nine member Jerome Kajsiewicz House of the Province. St. Mark Parish in 2012 celebrated its 50th Anniversary of existence. It is one of two parishes in Wheaton, a city of more than 50,000 inhabitants.

St. Mark 2

St. Mark














17th Annual Resurrectionists  Benefit Dinner

The Congregation of the Resurrection – USA Province hosted its 17th Annual Benefit Dinner on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at Porretta’s Banquets in Chicago. This dinner benefits our Men in Formation and our Senior Religious who have labored for many years in the Church.

During this event the Congregation of the Resurrection recognizes those who share in our mission.  There are three types of awards given: the Vision of Hope Award the Veritas et Caritas Award. The third type of award is the Resurrection Merit Award. Criteria for the Resurrection Merit Award are: a person who is dedicated to the Mission of the Congregation of the Resurrection; a person who is faithful and dedicated to the mission of one of the Congregation’s Parishes, Schools, Mission and Ministries; a person who is selected by the Spiritual Leader in one of our Ministries; a person who lives a good Christian Life.

This year we honored His Eminence Francis Cardinal George, OMI, the Archbishop of Chicago with the Vision of Hope Award 2014 and…





























Father Sam Restivo, CR, the former Provincial Superior of the Ontario-Kentucky Province of the Congregation of the Resurrection with the Veritas et Caritas Award 2014. Also, at this dinner the Resurrection Merit Awards were presented to persons selected from our Parish Communities.



Recipients of the Resurrection Merit Awards 2014


Provincial Superior, Fr. Gene Szarek, CR in conversation with Cardinal George.


Goodbye to the Diocese of  Kalamazoo

Father Donald Suberlak, CR (80) has retired from his active pastoral ministry. He has served devoutly as the pastor of St. Mary of the Assumption Church, Three Oaks, Michigan and  St. Agnes, Sawyer, Michigan for the past sixteen years.

With Fr. Dan’s retirement the Congregation of the Resurrection has ended  its ministry in the Diocese of Kalamazoo.



Goodbye to St. Joseph Parish in Richmond, IL in the Diocese of  Rockford

With the end of the appointment term of Fr. Andrew Lewandowski, CR  the Congregation of the Resurrection has completed its pastoral ministry at St. Joseph Parish in Richmond Illinois. Our Congregation continues to serve at Resurrection Parish in Woodstock, Illinois and St. John the Baptist Parish in Johnsburg, Illinois – both in  the Diocese of Rockford.


New Apostolate in the Diocese of Joliet

Father Andrew Lewandowski, CR has been appointed a pastor at St. Mark Parish in Wheaton, Illinois in the Diocese of Joliet. This is the fifth parish served by the Congregation of the Resurrection since 2011 when our Community has been invited to the Diocese.

Fr. Andrew will be installed as a pastor at St. Mark Parish on October 8, 2014.

Inspiration Celebration 2014 – Gordon Tech College Prep High School

GT.05.2014-6On Monday evening May 12, 2014, Gordon Tech College Prep held it’s 2nd Annual Inspiration Celebration 2014.An event that honors people who have contributed highly to the success of Gordon Tech College Prep.GT.05.2014-5
This year the Congregation of the Resurrection was honored as sponsors of the school along with three Alumni, namely Daniel O’Neil ’85 Executive Director, Smart Chicago, Harry Osterman’85 48th Ward Alderman in the City of Chicago, Barry Rodgers ’85, Principal, Lake Forest High School.  Over 300 people attended the evening event and the school raised $300,000.00 for Student Financial Aid. Thank you to all our sponsors for their generous support of our educational ministry. For more news please visit


Making Friends of the Congregation in the Diocese of Joliet

Seventy members from three C.R. parishes in the Joliet Diocese gathered at St. Scholastica’s Parish in  Woodridge on Thursday, February 27,  for a talk about the movie “Son of God” and an introduction to the concept of “Friends of the Congregation of the Resurrection.” Parishioners from St. Pius X (Lombard), Holy Trinity (Westmont) and St. Scholastica (Woodridge) assembled in St. Scholastica’s Church at 6:00 pm were greeted by Fathers Mike Danek, CR, Norb Raszeja, CR, Rafal Wasilewski, CR, Jerry Watt, CR, Marion Wroblewski, CR and George Zięba, CR.


The evening included a talk and brief service led by Father Jerry Watt, CR. At that service, we introduced a new “Friends of the Resurrection” booklet which we used as a format for our common prayers, prayers inspired by the spirituality of our Congregation. Father Mike Danek spoke, too, and underlined the importance of this gathering and the hopes for future get-togethers. Father Norbert Raszeja greeted the group in the name of St. Scholastica’s Parish and led us in a closing benediction. Father George Zięba took photos to document this first meeting of parishioners and Father Rafal Wasilewski added his enthusiasm to the evening.


Finger sandwiches and other snacks were provided by the host parish, St. Scholastica. Then, this group joined another hundred  parishioners at a Seven Bridges Movie Theater for a showing of the “Son of God.”  We could have sold twice as many tickets if we would have had the seating capacity. We are thrilled that so many parishioners from Pius X, Holy Trinity and St. Scholastica’s  showed up for this event.


We are planning a series of “Friends of the Congregation of the Resurrection” get-togethers to be held throughout 2014.



75th Diamond Jubilee of Holy Trinity, Westmont, Illinois

The calendar year of 2013 of Holy Trinity Parish has been celebrated with many special celebrations including the  Jubilee Banquet on Saturday, October 19, 2013 and the 75th Anniversary Mass with Bishop R. Daniel Conlon, Bishop of Joliet, on November 23, 2013.


Holy Trinity 2

Holy Trinity


St. Stanislaus Bishop & Marty 120th Jubilee Anniversary

Bishop John Manz  presided at the Jubilee Mass on Sunday, 13 October 2013.

St. Stan


St. Stan 2

             St. Stan 3


St. Hedwig Parish 125th Jubilee Anniversary

On October 20, 2013 Francis Cardinal George presided at the Jubilee Mass.

St. Hedwig 2 St. Hedwig

16th Annual Resurrectionists Fund Raiser

The Congregation of the Resurrection – USA Province hosted its 16th Annual Fund Raising Dinner on Sunday, September 29, 2013 at Porretta’s Banquets in Chicago. This dinner benefit our Men in Formation and our Senior Religious who have labored for many years in the Church.
CRD. 4.2013

During this event the Congregation of the Resurrection recognizes those who share in our mission.  There are three types of awards given: the Vision of Hope Award the Veritas et Caritas Award. The third type of award is the Resurrection Merit Award. Criteria for the Resurrection Merit Award are: a person who is dedicated to the Mission of the Congregation of the Resurrection; a person who is faithful and dedicated to the mission of one of the Congregation’s Parishes, Schools, Mission and Ministries; a person who is selected by the Spiritual Leader in one of our Ministries; a person who lives a good Christian Life.CRD. 3.2013
This year we honored Patricia Carty, Administrative Assistant, Resurrection Center, Woodstock, Illinois with the Vision of Hope Award 2013 and Father Michael Danek, CR, Pastor of Holy Trinity, Westmont, IL with the Veritas et Caritas Award 2013. Also, at this dinner the Resurrection Merit awards were presented to persons selected from our Parish Communities.CRD. 2.2013


Provincial Chapter 2013


Every three years, the Resurrectionists of the USA Province gather for their Provincial Chapter. This year they met at the campus of the Gordon Tech High School in Chicago, Illinois, August 6-9.  The Chapter is the highest form of governance for the Province.  According to the Constitutions of the Congregation, its object is to discuss and make decisions about all that pertains to the fraternal and apostolic life and the good administration of the Province.  It also holds elections for the Province.  Thank you for your prayers.