Friends of the Resurrection Prayer II

Lord Jesus Christ,

In Your great love

You called Brother Theodore Bogdan Janski

to leave a life of sin and darkness

and to found a new community of men

devoted to the mystery of Your Resurrection.

You chose Brother Theodore as a marvelous example

of how true repentance leads to conversion

and loving ministry to the poor.

As a Friend of the Resurrection,

I want to follow Brother Theodore

and experience for myself Your healing grace.

Use me to bring hope to those in the darkness of sin.

Permit me to carry the message of life to those

who live in the darkness of sin.

Through the intercession of Brother Theodore,

assist with Your grace those addicted to alcohol and other drugs

as well as those who sin against purity.

Grant also that one day we

who embrace the spirit of Brother Theodore, the Apostle of Hope,

may celebrate his beatification for Your greater honor and glory.

We ask all this through Christ, our Lord. Amen