Friends of the Resurrection Prayer I

Loving Father, You sent Your Son, Jesus Christ, into this world

to counter the forces of evil with the power of His love.

Help us never to simply curse the darkness,

but to join with You in bringing Your light into this world,

the light that is Your Son, born of the Virgin Mary.

Be with those who need courage in their struggle with personal sin,

especially those addicted to alcohol, drugs, pornography,

gambling and impurity.

Lead them out of the grip of evil into the life of freedom

which Your Son has promised to those who follow Him.

Bless our families and those dear to us,

especially our children and  youth.

Strengthen the bonds of love between husbands and wives.

May the Christ Candle we now light

represent our desire to help bring a new dawn

for those living in a world of darkness and despair.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.